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It is unfortunately a fact that the number of caravan related crimes is rapidly increasing and that stolen caravans account for a high percentage of these crimes.

Statistics show that a considerable percentage of house burglaries are directly attributable to the absence of the caravan from the driveway whilst the occupants are away for the weekend or on holiday – i.e. the burglar assumes that, 'if the caravan is missing, the house is probably empty'.

A good secure storage facility is an essential requirement for all caravan owners and, regardless of whether or not you decide to store your caravan with Fairwood Leisure Storage, the following are just some of the points that should be taken into consideration when choosing a suitable storage site.


Has the storage site got the benefit of Full Planning Approval for the storage of caravans ?

Is it a 'purpose built' caravan storage site or just a piece of land being used for the storage of caravans ?

Does the site consist of an all 'hard-standing' surface or just 'soft ground' ?

Do you have your own dedicated pitch or do you need to look for a storage space each time that you return to the site ?

Is the site registered with CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners Association), if so, to what standard, Bronze, Silver or Gold ?

Remember that CaSSOA registered sites attract beneficial rates when you come to insure your caravan !


Does the site have a good (and high) security fence around the perimeter ?

Could a caravan be stolen from the site simply by 'snipping' the wire and removing the caravan through the fence ?

How is the access both to and from the site controlled – has the site got any form of electronically controlled access ?

What are the day-to-day security arrangements ?

What are the night-time security arrangements ?

Is there anybody 'overseeing' the site outside of normal business hours ?

Do proprietors of the business actually live ON site ?

Does the site have a good 'History / Track Record' (i.e. in terms of 'break-ins', caravans stolen etc.) ?


Has the site been inspected and had reports prepared by any of the main Caravan Insurance Companies ?

Are you sure that your Insurance company would consider your caravan to be insured whilst being stored on any site that wasn't officially recognised / approved for the storage of caravans ?

Would your Insurance company consider you to be eligible for reduced premiums if you were storing your caravan on a secure, approved and registered storage site ?


Are the caravans 'squashed' together in order to maximise on the storage space ?

Whilst in storage, can you get in and out of you caravan easily without having to remove your caravan from its pitch ?

Is there a 'reasonable' width of road in front of your caravan thereby permitting easy manoeuvrability of your caravan both off and onto your pitch by use of your motorcar ?


Are there any fresh water points provided on the site for use by the caravan owners ?

Are there any electric points provided on the site for use by the caravan owner ?


Does the site have good clean access both to and from the main road ?

Is the site close to the local Motorway Network ?


How many days per year is the site open ?

On what days (if any) is the site closed ?

From what time in the morning is the site accessible ?

At what time in the evening does the site close ?

Are these times applicable seven days per week ?

Are there any facilities for returning to the site with your caravan outside of the normal business hours ?


What are the storage fees per year ?

Do the storage fees vary according to the size of the caravan ?

Do the storage fees represent value when all of the above points have been taken into consideration ?

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Caravan Storage Site Check List

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  • Before deciding on where to store your caravan please take the time to have a look at our check list.

reservationsAll customers must pre-book before bringing their caravan to the storage facility.

Customers are required to have a permanent residential address and a contact telephone number.

cassoa gold approvedCaravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA) is a nationally recognised Association which was set up in 1999 to combat Caravan theft.

Many Insurance companies support CaSSOA and offer discounts off annual caravan insurance.

caravan, motorhome, horse box, boats storage priceOur Storage fees are competitive and based on the type of vehicle.

Fees are paid six-monthly in advance and a ‘one-off’ refundable deposit is charged to the first storage payment in order to cover the access security key.

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